Ainsley Village Project

Ainsley Village Project 1991 Rainbow Snake.

Community art work designed and made with the residents of Ainslie Village.

Tuggeranong Stories

Tuggeranong Park ACT

Work created in collaboration with Malcolm Cooke and local residents 1995

As a result, children played with the clay making little pots and sculptures that often would be found on the clay mounds.

The Town Park Path 14 years later

Living Until We Die

Work with the ACT Palliative Care Association 1995

All the colours are there

Painting by the participant

The Colours are all there

Installation by Marily Cintra, to create a three dimentional work based on the painting.

Painted rocks and fabric

5000x2500x2200 cm

Marily Cintra - 500 Years

Installation: ceramic, glass, computer motherboards, church kneeler, “prayer” book, incense
Canberra Contemporary Art Space 1992

Marily Cintra - To Eva, with Love, wherever you are now.

Self portrait, water, washing sink,

National Gallery of Victoria, Bias Binding Exhibition 1995